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Rebecca Chadd offers a range of services to meet collaborators’ and clients’ needs, going above and beyond to satisfy your unique vision, while also staying true to her artistic voice. Get in touch today to learn more about the possibilities of collaboration!

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Movement never lies

Do you have something you want to say, but don't know how to convey it artistically, technically, or meaningfully through dance? Contact Rebecca for any and all of your choreographic needs: guest choreography for your performing company or dance studio, private choreography for competition or special events such as weddings, choreographic consultation or hiring for musical theater, etc. Rebecca is versed in ballet, modern dance technique, jazz, basic flamenco, hip-hop, and West African Dance, as well as social styles such as swing, salsa, bachata, merengue, and waltz. She can also conduct in-depth research to convey realistic choreography from specific eras or cultures (i.e. Renaissance Europe, 1950's America, native folk dances, etc.)


Artistic Directing

Hone the Vision

A performance is a living, breathing human experience that has the power to dramatically influence, entertain, and/or challenge your audience. The key to a great overall performance is clear vision and direction of the show. Decisions about music, costume, lighting, timing, and type of media are all essential. If you are a performing company, school group, church, or other organization that needs artistic consultation or directing for a performance you have in mind, reach out to share your concept and needs and let's see if it's a good fit! With a diverse background in directing, choreography, dance performing, song-writing, vocal and instrumental performance, and theater, Rebecca will surely bring a well-rounded and professional perspective that will ensure your show meets the goals you have in mind. Click 'Contact' from the menu to share details about your specific project.

Women in Dance Performance


Enhance Your Production

Rebecca is the Artistic Director of Freedom Dance Company, a performing modern dance group near Salem, Oregon. Check out their website for repertoire, booking, and more information regarding collaborating with her and her company's dancers.


Coaching & Training

Maximize Your Potential

Good teaching and clear feedback are essential in growing as a dancer and performer. Rebecca believes in creating a positive, challenging, and engaging learning experience that is tailored to each student's needs and goals. No matter your level--beginner to early professional--one-on-one coaching can be the key that unlocks your untapped potential as a dancer to expedite your growth. Rebecca will push you and motivate you to be the best technician and performer you can be. Contact her today for details and scheduling. Read more about her dance background by clicking here.

Dance Studio
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